Working with fresh local products combined with flavours that are close to our hearts. We use traditional recipes and flavours from Italy and the Netherlands, prepared with French cuisine technics.  Our love for nature comes out on our dishes, we change daily our menu’ due to what our garden provides us.

 We serve a fix menu’, that includes different bites and sharing dishes to enjoy with the company of friends or family during the meal, an aboundant main course, and a dessert.

A good start of your dining experience can be enriched by some little appetizers to enjoy with a nice glass of wine or a good dutch beer. Or to finish the evening with a nice cheese platter or some little delicious friandises and bonbons (homemade little pastries and chocolates) with a coffee or a digestive.

Our wine card is tiny but complete of what we need for our menu’ and is buit up to give us the chance to tell u a nice story about of each of them, wines that are produced by friends of us or from areas that we love.